Special: I love father

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June 19 was a day for children, young and old, to think of and thank a special group of men, who gave them life, who make a living not for himself alone but for an entire family; it was Father's Day.

A father's love is often regarded as unspoken, strict and running deep. This is especially true of Chinese fathers, who are shy, and often indirect in terms of expressing their love for their children.

The role of being a father is undeniably important and tough as well. As J. August Strindberg once wrote "That's the thankless position of the father in the family -- the provider of all, and the enemy of all."

As Sunday marked Father's Day in China this year, editors of the China Daily website pays tribute to dads from across the country with this special coverage. Users of our microblog (Weibo) shared interesting and impressive stories of their fathers,to thank and memorize the father's love.


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Special: I love father
@ Huangtingting123: My father's "magic charm"

Debate:  Father's Day dwarfed by Mother's Day? 
  Kids forget! Fathers don't care! Shops ignore it! Father's Day in China is not enjoying the same level of attention as Mother's day. Did you say anything to your father this past weekend? Or is it so hard for us to pick ourour phone and call our father and wish him a happy day? Or you just don't care that much about the festival? Leave your comments here or at our microblog.

 Bonds between Fathers and children
Special: I love father

Special: I love father

US President Barack Obama -- "Being a dad is the most rewarding job"

Being a father, celebrities and world leaders are no exception. US President Barack Obama, as a father of two girls, says being a dad is sometimes his hardest job.

US President Barack Obama says being a dad is sometimes his hardest job, but also the most rewarding. Just ahead of Father's Day, Obama devoted his Saturday radio and Internet address to fatherhood.>>Read More>> 

And as a son of a Kenyan and an Amerian, Obama also recalls his memories about his father who left his family when the future US president was 2 years old and he also discussed his father extensively in his 1995 memoir.

Obama said on Saturday he still thinks about how things would have worked out had his dad been there. "I felt his absence. And I wonder what my life would have been like had he been a greater presence," Obama said in his weekly radio and Internet address a day before Father's Day in the United States.>>Read More>>

Photo Left:  Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff kisses Sasha Obama, as US President Barack Obama (L) introduces his daughters, upon their arrival at Palacio do Alvorada in Brasilia, Brazil March 19, 2011. [Photo/Agencies]

 Special: I love father

Joyful father opens door to family who abducted son

Peng Gaofeng, who was reunited with his son three years after the boy was abducted, said he would allow the woman whose husband stole the child to stay in touch with him.

"I really hate her, but I have determined to give up the right to sue her, because I see my boy is really attached to her. I do not want him to hate me in the future. The only thing I want is his health, both physically and mentally," said Peng, 33.>>Read More>>

Photo Left: Peng Gaofeng holds his son in his arms three years after he was abducted. [Photo/rednet.com.cn]


Newsmakers on Father's Day 

US couple has sextuplets on Father's Day weekendSpecial: I love father

It's a big day for a couple in US on Father's Day last weekend because the wife gave birth to sextuplets whom more than 50 medical professionals helped with the delivery.>>Read More>>

Double celebrations for 92-year-old twins

Twin brothers Zhao Quanshan (L) and Zhao Xiushan celebrated their 92nd birthday, which fell on the same day as Father's Day, in Shenyang, Northeast China's Liaoning province.
>>Read More>>

Special: I love father

Fathers across the world

Special: I love father Special: I love father

Special: I love father

World's oldest father Father for three sets of twins  Pregnant and transgender man
 Special: I love father Special: I love father
Special: I love father
My father is a miner Entertaining fathers Chinese father and his adopted children