TV channel banned for negative social effects

Updated: 2011-09-17 19:23


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BEIJING - China's broadcasting watchdog on Saturday banned a municipal TV channel for one month after one of its programs misrepresented events, magnified family conflict, and depicted disrespect toward an elderly parent.

The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) said in a circular that the movie channel of Shijiazhuang TV in north Hebei province had "magnified distorted ethics and moral values" and "caused extremely negative social effects."

On June 29, the channel aired the 36-minute talk show "Emotional Codes," which purported to depict real-life scenes among a husband, his wife and the man's elderly father. During the segment, the son treated his father disrespectfully, at one point berating him and threatening to take him to court over money.

But in fact, the entire scene was scripted, with all three participants paid for their performances by the show's producer, the Hebei Jiutian Media Company Limited.

The SARFT held Shijiazhuang TV responsible for failing to screen its programs ,misleading the public, and tainting the image of radio and TV in its reckless pursuit of ratings.

The channel has been ordered to rectify its wrongdoing and won't be permitted to resume programming until October 17, if it obtains consent from the SARFT.

China's broadcasting regulator often suspends or orders changes to the content of programs it deems weird, vulgar or inappropriate.

In 2007, the SARFT issued a list of rules to uphold high moral standards during the sequel of the popular TV talent contest "Happy Boys."

"Happy Boys," a talent show similar to "American Idol," was ordered to include only "healthy and ethically inspiring" songs.

The program was also told to avoid "gossip" about the contestants, and not to show scenes of screaming fans or tearful losing contestants, as those were believed to be of "low taste."