Filial piety debated as college qualification

Updated: 2011-10-13 15:59


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News that filial piety will be one measure to gauge the most qualified students for Peking University next year has sparked a debate online, Yangtze Evening Post reported.

Peking University will pay more attention to morality by adding measures such as caring for others, taking part in public benefit activities, and honesty. Among them, filial piety standard ranks first.

Netizens showed divided views on this issue. Some said it's impractical. "Who has a final say on whether a student is filial or not, parents or teachers? The standard is too subjective to be practical," said netizen Shifeimen.

"There's no one definition of filial piety. Some parents say children are most dutiful if they study well and go to good university," said netizen Tianfubaobei.

However, some teachers support the new plan. "It cannot be denied that excellent grades are important, but if a student can't develop integrity, that means failure of education," said Zuo Bohua, principal at Rugao Middle School in eastern Jiangsu province.