China to release list of terrorist groups

Updated: 2011-10-29 18:04


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BEIJING — China’s legal authorities will release their first formal catalog of terrorists and terror groups to freeze their assets “in a timely manner”, based on the country’s existing terrorist laws and previous UN decisions, a legal expert said on Saturday.

A legislative resolution passed by the top legislature on Saturday defines terrorist groups and their members for the first time in China, and empowers the State Council to identify a list of terrorists and their organizations, said Li Shouwei, a legal expert with the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, at a press conference.

Li said the list will cover terrorists and organizations both at home and abroad, and it will be refined over time.

Seen as a step forward in the country’s “extended, complicated and intense” anti-terrorism work, Li said the drafting of the catalog will draw on laws from other countries and international conventions that China has approved, to put it “in line with both international regulations and domestic conditions”.

Previously, China’s Public Security Ministry published two lists of terrorist individuals and groups: 10 terrorists and four groups in 2003, and eight terrorists in 2008, according to information seen on the ministry’s website.

After the publication of the second name roll in 2008, ministry spokesman Wu Heping said that the list was made in accordance with China’s Criminal Law, State Security Law and international conventions.

Saturday’s resolution also stipulates that terrorist activity refers to behavior aimed at generating social panic, jeopardizing public security, intimidating State agencies or international organizations, and actions that cause or intend to result in casualties, major economic loss, damage to public facilities or social disorder through violence, destruction, threats or other means. Stirring up, funding or assisting such actions are also considered terrorist activities.