Austria's crystal products popular with Chinese

Updated: 2011-11-01 15:01

By Xing Yu (

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Typing "Austria" in the search engine of China's popular online shop will yield 690,595 products (data at 11:00 am, Nov 1, 2011), including accessories, stamps, coins and clothes.

Among all the products, most are Austria's crystal products, as 248,676 necklaces, 120,559 pairs of earrings, 58,782 bracelets, and 83,309 pendants are available.

Many young Chinese women would love to receive as a gift a necklace or earrings by the famous Austrian crystal products brand Swarovski.

Zheng Chengyuan, a young man who works as a civil servant in Tianjin, bought his wife a necklace from Swarovski. "Their products have the lowest price among the world-famous brands, which we can afford," Zheng said.

A shop on said on its website that their goods (such as necklaces, earrings) are made with Swarovski crystal components, which are branded "Strass" to differ from actual Swarovski products.

Prices for such goods are much lower than products sold at Swarovski shops, and a pendant may cost only 20-30 yuan ($3-4.60).