Parents feed kindergarteners in cold winter winds

Updated: 2011-12-06 17:36

By Sun Chi (

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Parents feed kindergarteners in cold winter winds 

Parents feed their children face-to-face in cold winds outside Jing Ming kindergarten in Nanjing at the noon of Dec 5. This kindergarten does not offers dining room for children. [Photo/Yangtze Evening News] 

Parents feed kindergarteners in cold winter winds 

The gate of Jing Ming kindergarten in Nanjing was locked while parents and their children sat outside on a corner of the kindergarten's wall, eating their lunch at the noon of Dec 5. [Photo/Yangtze Evening News] 

A grandfather living in Nanjing, the capital city of Jiangsu province, telephoned Yangtze Evening News on Monday complaining about how his grandson had had his lunch outside of his kindergarten together with his peers these past couple days. The meals became cold quickly as the temperature drops for the upcoming winter.

According to Yangtze Evening News, children attending Jing Ming Kindergarten sat in a line on a corner against the kindergarten's wall, fed by their parents or relatives face-to-face around 11:30 am these days.

Some people claimed sitting by the corner gives their children protection from winds. Those who arrived later required them to use their backs as a wall to protect against cold currents.

A grandma, surnamed Wang, complained that her granddaughter could not eat on her own, but the kindergarten did not have a dining room, so she was required to bring two ready-made meals, one for the child and the other for herself.

Since the school's opening in September, parents have to bring ready-made meals and to feed their children outside the wall. During these days, the weather has become colder which makes it hard to carry on. "People who live around can take back their children home for the lunch but those who live in distance were forced to bring meals", Wang said.

Why there is no dining room? And why the children can't be fed indoors, but outside the wall? Wang explained how the school had told her that their reasoning for their lack of accommodations was to prevent the trafficking of children. Some people may pretend to be a parent and take away the children to sell. The reporter of Yangtze Evening News has tried to contact the school, but failed.