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Farmer finds wealth after leaving bank job

( Updated: 2012-12-14 15:40

When 29-year-old Guo Kejiang quit his bank job and left Beijing to become a farmer in his hometown, in Fan county of Central China’s Henan province, his decision shocked many. Now he has amazed the villagers by becoming a multi-millionaire in one year by growing vegetables, Dahe News reported.

Guo was born in a poor family. But the family supported their three children in education. Guo Keqiang was admitted to Central University of Finance and Economics in 2004, with the highest score among humanities students in the county.

Farmer finds wealth after leaving bank job

Guo Kejiang works in the greenhouse. [Photo/Dahe News] 

Guo saw great market potential in pollution-free vegetables as increasingly more food safety problems emerged. He adopted an advanced ecological recycling system on his farm, which effectively boost the annual production of vegetables to 400 tons. He also introduced some recreational activities and turned the farm into a kind of agritainment park.

Now Guo employs 150 villagers. He saves one yuan from the sale of each box of vegetables to provide financial aid to students from poor families.

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