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Police detain 400 cult members in Qinghai for inciting disturbance

( Updated: 2012-12-18 17:14

More than 400 cult members have been detained in Qinghai province for spreading rumors and inciting a disturbance, Central China Television reported.

The suspects, all belonging to the "Almighty God" cult, allegedly organized at least eight incidents in early December in Xining, Golmud and other places in Qinghai.

Police seized about 5,000 banners, discs, slogans and books, in addition to a number of computers, printers and cellphones.

China recently launched a nationwide crackdown on the cult after its members latched on to the Mayan doomsday prophecy to predict that the sun will not shine and electricity will not work for three days beginning on Friday, according to the public security bureau of Xining, the provincial capital.

The "Almighty God" cult was established in 1990 in Central China's Henan province. It requires its members to surrender their property to the group, Xinhua reported.

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