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Draft rules stress educational rights for disabled

Xinhua | Updated: 2013-02-26 20:49

BEIJING - Educational coverage for people with more types of disabilities, such as autism and cerebral palsy, will expand, according to a draft revision to the regulation on the education of the disabled.

The current regulation, which was promulgated in 1994, only ensures education for people with sight, listening, speaking and intellectual impairments.

The newly-revised draft was released Monday by the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council at chinalaw.gov.cn to solicit public opinion until March 25.

The 50-article rules cover education for the handicapped at both ordinary schools and special educational institutions, teachers for the disabled and the supervision and guarantee of such education.

Stressing equal rights for both ordinary and disabled people, the draft specifies detailed conditions only in which schools are allowed to refuse the admission of disabled children as well as a mechanism to solve admission-related conflicts.

According to the draft, only children who suffer serious disabilities or severe physical or mental impairments and need special care or professional support can be deemed unsuitable for normal school education. Such cases must be verified by educational committees at or above county level.

In addition, the draft urges ordinary schools to make efforts to improve their own capabilities to educate as well as create a sound environment for disabled students. They are also encouraged to arrange special curriculums for these students.

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