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More medical equipment accidents reported

Xinhua | Updated: 2013-04-03 23:50

BEIJING - More than 180,000 accidents involving the use of medical equipment were reported in 2012, with 0.06 percent of them fatal, new data from the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) has showed.

The CFDA said in a statement on Wednesday that the total, which is equal to 137 reports per million people in China, increased 49 percent from the previous year, continuing a trend of growth since 2009.

According to the statement, medical equipment accidents are classified as those resulting in human harm during the normal use of certified medical equipment -- not to be confused with quality issues or medical malpractice.

Reports of such accidents serve as a key means for manufacturers to strengthen risk control and improve the safe use of medical products.

In addition to deaths, severe harm was induced in 12.93 percent of the total reported accidents.

While the medical apparatus in 72.11 percent of the total cases was operated by professional staff, it was handled by non-professionals in 2.34 percent. Patients themselves were using the equipment in another 12.2 percent of the accidents.

According to the statement, the CFDA has been urging medical administrations, product manufacturers and health institutions to strengthen monitoring of such accidents and file more detailed reports.

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