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Reaction of Chinese Internet bloggers on Boston blasts

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2013-04-16 15:35

Li Shuangfu (Los Angeles-based Sina reporter): just watched a clip of the Boston marathon explosion. What impressed me most is that hundreds at the explosion rushed to rescue others and provide as much help as they could. Such overwhelming power. According to the organizing committee, 23,326 participated in the event, 17,583 completed the race, 4,496 finished 40 kilometers but never touched the finish line. Pray for the victims. Cheer up!

Nihaibuxiaban: Blast hit Boston. Three died. US Government raised the flag at half-mast. Across the Pacific Ocean, Chinese media is doing intensive, timely reports to express their grief. But think about the Xiangyang fire in our country. More people died in it, but how confusing was the way it was dealt with.

Yao_Coco: #Boston Explosion# Wish the world peace. However hegemonic the USA is, the ordinary people and those who contribute to charity work are not the embodiment of the hegemony.

YunnanZhangmei (travel agency founder): the more I watched video clips of Boston explosion, the more I want to tell people that one should never allow things like that to stop us. I will still go to the USA to run the Marathon in Big Sur. I want to take a rafting trip in Salmon River. I will go hiking in Alaska! Hope more friends will join me.

Wu Fatian (famous scholar, lawyer): Two blasts occurred in Boston on the afternoon of April 15, leaving two dead. The computer screen has been flooded by condolences from public intellectuals, who, however, neglected selectively that in early April, the Afghanistan-based US army killed 17 local civilians by mistake during a Taliban-target military action. 12 of them were children! On the evening of April 14, a US drone made an air strike in Palestine, leaving 4 dead. The US drones have claimed at least 67 people this year.

Hu Xijin (editor in chief of the Global Times): A terrorist explosion happened in the USA. I have only one word for it: denouncement. This is an unswerving opinion taken by Global Times, which I think is also the view of all Chinese. I know the US media often react ambiguously on violent terrorist incidents in the likes of Xinjiang in China. But it is not the time to hold them accountable.

Beimei-Xiaodong (managing editor of a US-based newspaper): the best way to deal with a terrorist attack is by being composed. In the Boston explosion, the authorities responded timely with information transparency. Fears don’t spread across society, which despises and overpowers the terrorists to the greatest extent.

Jiazhuangzainiuyue: Faced with a serious public incident, the benign interaction between the government, media, enterprises and the common people is a good lesson for us to learn from.

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