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Prayers for Chinese student killed in Boston

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2013-04-17 13:12

Terrence Liushao: It is such a pity to lose a beautiful life like hers. I wish her a happy life in heaven.

Xuedu-Aiwei: A friend just said that the (Chinese) girl who died in the Boston explosions was a classmate of her roommate’s in middle school! I got a feeling that the terrorist attack is so close to every one of us!

Shishiquanli: Just knew that a Shenyang girl was killed in the Boston blasts. So sad about it. We don’t know each other, but she is my compatriot. My condolences for her parents. Please take care of their health.

Aozhouhuangdi 2013: Prayers go out to girl from Northeast China. Wish her happiness in another world.

Matthew Dolbow (Spokesman for US Consulate Hong Kong): My genuine sympathy to the dead Chinese student in Boston blasts and her families.

Liangzhiheigougou: I couldn’t speak for a moment after knowing about the Shenyang girl who died in Boston explosions. She is my age, and like me she was studying in the US to pursue her dreams. But she suffered such a tragedy. She is probably the only child of her family. Her parents must be heartbroken. When I think about this I am determined to protect myself better even if only for my parents. I hope the deceased peaceful and the living strong.

Zuojiacaojunshi (Author): When 9-11 occurred, many Chinese hailed at it. But after the Boston blasts yesterday, barely cheers but condolences, denouncement, and concern were spread on the Internet. With the development of the Internet in the past 11 years, especially the popularization of Weibo, many Chinese have changed their thinking and world outlook.

Taoshujiedenana: The victim’s family prefers not to publish her name. But her photo and name are everywhere on the Internet. Can the media please show some respect?

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