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Real names needed to buy gas in Xiamen

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2013-06-14 14:43

A real name registration is required before buying gasoline in containers in Xiamen city, East China's Fujian province, after a fatal bus fire was ignited by an arsonist with a container of gasoline.

The new rule is part of a new circular issued by the provincial government.

According to the rule, individual customers will not be allowed to use a container to buy gasoline unless they submit an application and certificate and register with the gas station using their personal information.

Meanwhile, all gas stations are prohibited from selling gas to vehicles and motorcycles without plates or necessary certificates. Motorcycle drivers should display their driver license and vehicle license before fueling up.

Under the new rule, all mopeds that are excluded from license plates will be blocked from fueling up. Some vegetable farmers will also face barriers when buying gasoline, as they have to use containers so they can fuel their farming machines back home.

The city has turned its focus to ensuring the safety of its buses after a fatal fire caused by an arsonist on June 7 killed 47 people, including the arsonist, and left 34 injured.


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