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Public servants rank most desirable boyfriend

By Hou Liqiang ( Updated: 2014-01-06 19:57

Public servants top the list of Chinese women's ideal jobs of their Mr Right, China Youth Daily reported.

About 40 percent of Chinese females hope their Mr Right is a public servant, according to a report published by China Society for the Study of Marriage and Family under All-China Women's Federation and a match-making website.

Administrative staff members at public institutions and enterprises, policemen or soldiers and entrepreneurs were some of the other popular careers.

The report also shows that 38.3 percent of Chinese men would most like to marry teachers, followed by public servants, medical workers and financial workers.

Chinese women's preference for public servants and men's preference for teachers shows that people tend to make a choice that would reduce their stress, said Qiu Shaobo, counselor of marriage and family department at the China Association of Social Workers.

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