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Celebrities pay tributes to Run Run Shaw

( Updated: 2014-01-07 17:01

"Run Run Shaw was instrumental in pushing ahead the development of the entertainment business in the city and attained many achievements."

                                                                            -- Hong Kong Chief Executive C Y Leung

"Run Run Shaw devoted himself to his career and society. He was my first boss in my career and also my lifetime model."

                                                                                -- Hong Kong Director Stanley Tong

"His Shaw Studios helped nurture Hong Kong's film market into becoming an Asian film kingdom and spreading worldwide. Nobody could ever compare with him in Hong Kong's film industry."

                                                                                     -- Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang

"Sir Run Run Shaw was very kind and very fond of me. He once taught me qigong to stay healthy. He was very keen on charity."

                                                   --Chairman of Chinese Artist Association of Hong Kong Liza Wang

"Sir Run Run Shaw had a deep influence on Asian film and TV industry. He was such a philanthropist and will be always missed by us."

                                                                                   -- Hong Kong actor Kar Ying Law

" He made great contributions to Hong Kong's film and TV industry. He conveyed Chinese culture through film and TV products to Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia and Singapore. We are inspired by his action and his spirit."

                                                                                 --Taiwan media tycoon Qiu Fusheng

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