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Bizarre aftermath of Dongguan prostitution crackdown

( Updated: 2014-02-12 16:06

Dongguan video viruses

Many computer viruses and malicious software appeared on the Internet with names like "videos of lap dancing in Dongguan," after CCTV showed the eye-grabbing obscene videos in reports slamming the rampant sex trade in the city.


Fraud messages

"Hi Dad, I'm your son, I was caught by police in Dongguan, please send money to this card number to bail me out." "Hi, I'm your friend XXX, please send money......" Many people received such mobile phone messages from unfamiliar phone numbers that asked for money, claiming the message sender was caught in the Dongguan prostitution crackdown.


CCTV dislikes

Many web users are criticizing CCTV's blazing publicity on Dongguan's prostitution industry for it neglected other more acute social problems and "put the weak group in danger." A well-renowned Sina Weibo blogger, Wuyue Sanren, said they way CCTV reported it -- by broadcasting prostitutes' erotic dancing -- is not in line with professional ethics.


Hang in there, Dongguan

Newspaper Southern Metropolis Daily official account announced their opinions on Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter-like microblogging platform. They are not happy with the secret investigation by Central China Television. They believe the inside story behind the prostitution industry should be more focused rather than one that simply exposes the prostitutes. This comment was deleted within an hour of being posted but went viral among netizens. Netizens quoted this supportive comment, expressing their various, even opposite, opinions.


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