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Official investigated after teacher's death

By AN BAIJIE ( Updated: 2014-04-08 16:25

A government official who is suspected of involvement in the death of a female teacher is being investigated by anti-corruption authorities in Fujian province.

Liu Zhenxing, governor of Meilie district in Sanming city, is being investigated for grave violation of Party discipline, the Fujian Provincial Party Commission for Discipline Inspection announced on Monday evening.

On April 3, Wang Shaoyun, a teacher from Jinsha High School, was found dead in front of the district government building. The police said later that Wang fell from Liu's office window on the 12th floor.

The police have ruled out the possibility of murder but it is unclear why the woman was in the official's office.

The woman's husband told Xinhua News Agency that she had previously submitted whistleblowing material, telling anti-graft agencies that Liu had mistresses and had embezzled public funds.

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