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Policeman's death sentence appeal rejected

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-04-09 14:33

GUIGANG, Guangxi - A court on Wednesday rejected the appeal of a former policeman who was given a death sentence for shooting a pregnant woman dead in South China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

The Higher People's Court of Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region upheld the verdict handed down to Hu Ping, a former policeman who was sentenced to death for intentional homicide at his first trial in February.

Hu was also ordered to pay 73,324 yuan ($12,091) in compensation to the victim's family at the first trial.

It will report Hu's case to the Supreme People's Court for verification and approval, according to the court.

A police investigation found that Hu, 34, was drunk when he shot the woman and her husband, who ran a noodle restaurant, on Oct 28 in Pingnan County.

The husband Cai Shiyong sustained minor injuries to his right shoulder. His wife Wu Ying and their unborn child died after being shot twice by Hu.

An examination report by the Fifth People's Hospital of Nanning showed that Hu was drunk but in control when the shooting occurred.

In his defense during the first trial, Hu said Cai had tried to grab his pistol before he pulled the trigger. However, several witnesses testified that Cai had not attempted to grab the gun until after his wife was shot.

In the appeal hearing held on April 1 in the city of Guigang, Hu denied that he shot three times as prosecutors alleged, and questioned the reliability of witnesses.

He also argued the firearm residue on Cai's sleeve proved he had tried to grab the gun, which caused it to discharge accidentally.

Hu's lawyer handed over a petition by villagers from Yuwu in Pingnan County, Wu's hometown, asking for leniency for Hu. The lawyer also handed over an "agreement of understanding" drafted by the defendant and signed by the relatives of victim Wu, including her mother and brother.

Prosecutors did not believe that Cai had tried to grab the gun before his wife was shot and claimed the evidence Hu provided to the court was irrelevant.

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