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Tianjin Airlines redefines 'first class'

By Wang Wen ( Updated: 2014-06-08 17:40

Tianjin Airlines, the largest regional airline in China, has launched its super economic class to replace first class in all 50 E190 aircraft, the airline announced on Sunday.

The move was a result of increasing demand for the super economic class, ,said Weng Changmin, general manager of Tianjin Airlines marketing department.

Six super economic class seats will now be placed in the 100-seat aircraft.

"We are confident about the income of the new super economic class," said Weng. "The load factor will be higher than first class."

The carrier will continue to utilize first class in its A320 aircraft, with an aim to targeting high end passengers, he added.

The price of the super economic class seats will be no more than the full price of economic class and the seats are the same quality as business class.

Tianjin Airlines currently has a fleet of 83 aircraft and will increase to 100 in 2015.

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