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Rule of law needed to curb corruption

( Updated: 2014-10-21 10:41

I was born and I live in the US I have visited China many times. I agree that corruption exists in both countries.

I read sometimes in newspapers or see in the news on TV, instances where US politicians have used their government positions for personal gain. I've seen instances of low-level officials, such as police officers and building inspectors (for example) soliciting or accepting bribes.

It's hard to say if one place is worse than the other. I think however, that corruption by officials is much harder to hide here in the US rules and regulations for the conduct of officials is open information; people have the right to receive public records from the government in order to investigate corruption; and lastly, the judicial system is open and transparent and ruled by law, which makes it very difficult to ignore corruption once it is exposed.

I think China needs more to apply rule of law and transparency in government operations so that the citizens can simply watch their officials more closely.

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