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China's crackdown on corruption impressive

By Longzhou ( Updated: 2014-02-20 14:49

Considering China's population and land extension, it is a huge task to manage this.  Think about Europe, for example, with roughly a 20% of China's population and the amount of problems they can't even get thru. The EU, right now, is a collage of countries that never trust each other, always watching their backs wainting for the possible knife stabbing by a neighbour.

The Chinese government is handling all the problems with calm and harmony; one of them being corruption that used to run rampant just a few years back.  Cases of officials being moved from their posts, sentenced to jail terms or even to death for graft are no longer strange. This means the people are fighting it and helping the government to fight them.

It is important that we educate our young generations in the philosophy of hard work and constant. As I like to tell my children, one single drop of water doesn't do much, but one after the other will finally make a hole in a rock.

China has a long way to go still, but it is walking the walk; not just talking the talk!

As a foreigner, I feel proud of being in this country and sharing my present and future with the People's of China.

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