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Beijing-Tokyo Forum wraps up

[2014-09-29 14:16]

Yasushi Kudo, president of Japan's Genron NPO, a Japanese non-profit group, reads the Tokyo Consensus, a joint statement issued at the end of the 10th Beijing-Tokyo Forum, in Tokyo, Sept 29, 2014.

Files shed new light on Japan's atrocities

[2014-04-26 04:17]

Some 89 files related to Japan's Kwantung Kempeitai (military police corps) and the then "central bank" of the Japanese-aligned puppet state of Manchukuo have been released.

Yasukuni Shrine visits face strong criticism in Japan

[2014-04-23 11:58]

The chief of Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)'s coalition ally on Tuesday admonished the visit to the controversial Yasukuni Shrine by Cabinet ministers and throngs of lawmakers on Tuesday.

Navy ships ready for multi-national marine exercise

[2014-04-21 14:16]

Naval ships from seven countries, including Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, arrive at east China's Qingdao on April 20, 2014 for the upcoming multi-national marine exercise to mark the 65th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy.

Students use hugs to ease Sino-Japanese tensions

[2014-04-17 03:45]

As small as a hug is, it may still warm up the tension between China and Japan, a belief that has motivated six Japanese students studying in Beijing to initiate a hugging activity.

Scars of the past

[2014-04-13 19:50]

Chen Guifang, 82, shows scars on her head due to the Japanese wartime bombing of Chongqing at an exhibition on the aftermath of the bombing in the city, on April 12.

Rise in Japan sales tax may hit China exporters

[2014-04-02 09:25]

Japan raised its sales tax on Tuesday, a move likely to depress Chinese export prices to Japan while bilateral trade remains full of uncertainties amid political tensions.

'Japan's nuclear stockpile excessive'

[2014-03-25 09:41]

China has added its voice to international concerns over Japan's large stockpile of nuclear materials, saying the Japanese have exceeded their needs in nuclear power.

Japan to turn over nuclear material to US

[2014-03-25 09:33]

Japan will hand over "sensitive nuclear material" to the United States for destruction as part of the efforts to "prevent unauthorized actors, criminals, or terrorists from acquiring such materials."

Witnesses carried the truth about history

[2014-03-24 08:15]

Diaries shed lights on massacre, Yang Yang reports in Nanjing

Survey finds pessimism in China-Japan ties

[2014-09-10 07:40]

The impact of the Diaoyu Islands dispute on China-Japan ties is diminishing, but pessimism over future relations remains, a recent poll showed.

Archives reveal China's key victory against Japanese aggressors

[2014-09-09 16:10]

China on Monday released archives of a key military victory against Japanese army in 1938, as the country marks the 69th anniversary of the victory against Japan's aggression.

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