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What are Shenzhen shoppers buying in Hong Kong?

( Updated: 2015-04-15 08:02

Shopping in Hong Kong has become such a hot trend among mainlanders that the government has had to move to limit it to ease the inconvenience caused to Hong Kongers. Now, residents of neighboring Shenzhen are limited to one Hong Kong visit a week starting from Monday, compared with an unlimited number of daily trips before.

Mainland shoppers flock to Hong Kong because they consider goods there cheaper and more trust-worthy. So what do mainlanders like to buy in Hong Kong? Let's have a look.

What are Shenzhen shoppers buying in Hong Kong?

Photo taken on Jan 21, 2015 shows a commercial street in Hong Kong, a city which has attracted many tourists from the Chinese mainland for its shopping opportunities. [Photo/IC]

Who are the shoppers?

Many mainland shoppers are individuals who are stocking up on products for their home, or to give or sell at a small profit to friends and neighbors.

But some work in a more organized way for shadowy networks that organize the resale of the goods back in the mainland on a bigger scale - a practice known as parallel trading.

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