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Man who quit his job for public good

By Yin Tao ( Updated: 2015-04-21 11:55

Perhaps in many people's eyes, it is not the best time for Zeng to start business, because he is neither post-90s or 95s who have more chances to fail and start something form the beginning, nor like those in their late 30s or even elder who have accumulated lots of social experience and resources and are more likely to succeed.

"What matters is that you have a great idea and the tenacity to carry it out. The real issue here should not be when you start your business. Rather, the focus should be on how you put your ideas into practice," said Zeng.

When he launched his five-person team, the South-North Water Transfer Project initiated the open tender for the media publicity for the project from October 1 to December 31, 2014. Zeng saw it a golden opportunity to develop his business.

"My parents and friends said I was too ambitious, and they did not think my team will be able to beat other big companies," Zeng recalled. "But I don't think it is an excuse for the 'rookies' to stop challenging themselves."

"If we fail, at least our persistent efforts can narrow down the gap between my team and other rivals," Zeng said.

At first Zeng's team did research based on the material such as 100 questions on the South-North Water Transfer Project and other documentaries on the project when they were making the publicity schemes.

Zeng said if they wanted people to pay more attention to the problem of water shortage and enhance public's awareness of saving water, they have to have a good command of all-round details of the project.

Their hard work paid off. They won the bid. The 15-second publicity video created by Zeng's team was aired by the China Central Television (CCTV), China's broadcaster, for three months.

Zeng's team has gained fame among insiders since then. His team also attended some tourism fairs to sell themselves. So far, they have offered services for some Chinese provinces and foreign governments to boost their public image and promote their regional culture as well as the local tourism on the bodies and seats in Beijing buses.

Now his team has expanded to 24 members.

When asked about his future plan, Zeng said he has enrolled to pursue doctorate studies on Media Economics at Communication University of China, a cradle of China's radio and television talents and a well-known institution in the field of information communication.

"I want to equip myself with more professional knowledge, which can also help me and my team provide better service for our customers," said Zeng.


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