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Bonus catch of the day for amateur fishermen

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2015-08-12 09:12 Comments

Catching fish no longer remains the exclusive preserve of professional trawlermen or anglers when it comes to rainstorms or typhoons. When nature intervenes, blocking rivers or bursting open dams, anything goes.

Rainwater builds up easily in many cities across China after a storm as drainage system designs fail to cope. Fish in nearby ponds or rivers are often flushed into city streets.

Amateurs flock to the waterside to start harvesting their surprise bounty as soon as the bad weather passes, creating unusual scenes.

Bonus catch of the day for amateur fishermen

Many people fish with nets at Sanmenxia Dam in Henan province. An increase in sediment reduces oxygen content and forces fish to swim near the surface, attracting many people, July 6, 2013. [Photo/CFP]

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