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Micro blog shuts down after it criticizes breast-feeding mom

By LUO WANGSHU (China Daily) Updated: 2015-12-01 07:39

Micro blog shuts down after it criticizes breast-feeding mom

This photo of a woman breast-feeding her child attracted much criticism when it was posted to the Weibo account of [Photo/]

A charitable organization shut down its micro blog on Sunday after being criticized by netizens over a posting in which a woman was ridiculed for breast-feeding on a Beijing subway.

The organization, Beijing Tale, reposted on its micro blog on Friday morning another user's micro blog, which included a photo of a woman breast-feeding her baby on a subway and some disrespectful comments.

Beijing Tale was founded in 2012 and is involved in environmental protection, including subway cleanup, as well as elder care work, and it helps families that have lost an only child.

The Beijing Tale post triggered anger among netizens. The original micro-blogger, who used the online name Han JiaXiaoGuaiXue, posted a photo of a woman breastfeeding her baby on a subway and commented, "Please do not show private parts in public, out of courtesy", "Girl, is this appropriate on the subway?" and, "May I remind you it is a Beijing subway, not a bus from your village."

After the posting, many netizens criticized Beijing Tale and the original micro-blogger. Most netizens supported the mother. A few netizens said the mother should cover her breast during breast-feeding.

The debate continued to heat up over the weekend. Beijing Tale deleted the post and released an apology on its micro blog on Sunday, saying that it was sorry for triggering the furor and that it had not foreseen the effect it would have. The micro blog was shut down later on Sunday.

Beijing Tale's website also was unavailable.

The original micro-blogger also deleted the post. On Monday afternoon, a micro-blogger with a different account and username prompted speculation among netizens that she was the original micro-blogger because she apologized to the mother for taking the photograph.

Neither TengFei, the founder of Beijing Tale, nor the original micro-blogger responded to China Daily requests for comment.

Teng told Beijing's Mirror Evening News that he would suspend the organization temporarily. He said he was a new father and a supporter of breast-feeding.

In a response to the Beijing subway incident, UNICEF said on its micro blog: "Breast milk is the most natural and perfect food for babies, which is irreplaceable."

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