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Chinese traditional culture can help Internet governance

( Updated: 2015-12-17 17:26

Chinese traditional values and thinking can guide the Internet governance today, said Lu Wei, general secretary of Internet Society of China, at a forum during the ongoing World Internet Conference in Wuzhen on Thursday.

"People-oriented is what Internet governance wants to be," said Lu at the session of"Chinese Culture of Internet Communication" of the Forum on Internet Culture and Communication.

With China's long tradition of valuing people, Internet enterprises aiming for a brighter future undoubtedly have to provide more convenient products and services to improve users' experiences and protect their rights in a safe Internet environment, said Lu.

"Just as the Chinese old saying like 'harmony is most precious', the Internet governance needs cooperation from countries all round the world. President Xi once said it's urgent to abandon Cold War Mentality and instead respect the Internet sovereignty, different cultures and Internet management policies around the world", said Lu, since"the Internet we are constructing is a peaceful, safe, open and cooperative one."

Besides, Chinese ethics specifying morality and justice comes before money matters a lot in nowadays Internet governance.

"Our Internet enterprises should stick to business ethics and fulfill their responsibilities to protect the rights of governments, users and stokers, and also the social environment in a bid to better serve people around the world," said Lu.

Sustainable development of Internet enterprises also highlights the importance of things growing from small to big, a basic principle in Chinese ancient philosophy.

"As for the development mode of the Internet enterprises, I think the development should be a step-by-step, balanced and sustainable rather than a short-lived, which attracts users by giving them a bone," said Lu.

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