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Website launched to boost cloud computing-based manufacturing

By Zhao Lei ( Updated: 2015-12-26 19:51

China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp, one of the nation’s largest defense contractors, launched on Friday a website dedicated to boosting cloud computing-based manufacturing, the company said in a statement.

The website, called CASICloud, aims at integrating Internet technologies with intelligent manufacturing and facilitating resources sharing. It targets industrial enterprises in China and overseas, according to the company.

Several foreign-language versions, such as in English, Russian and German, will be available, the statement said, adding the website will focus on helping users with crowd sourcing and industrial products trade, as well as starting their own business.

The move was a direct result of the government’s requirement that State-owned defense enterprises must make use of their expertise gained in weapons development in civilian sectors.

A domestic version of CASICloud was put to use in June and has signed up nearly 54,000 Chinese companies from across the country. A total of 23,000 contracts with a value of 1.5 billion yuan ($231.6 million) have been inked through the website by now, the statement noted.