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Economist graduate who became nun and then TCM specialist

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Economist graduate who became nun and then TCM specialist

Yeshe Lahm loves walking on the grassland. [Photo/VCG]

Some follow a straight career path, others start in one direction and then land up on different route and then there are some who create their own destiny. Zheng Xiongying is one of them.

After graduating in economics from Leshan Normal University in Sichuan province, she, like her peers, could have chosen the world of dollars and cents. Instead she moved to Garze Tibet autonomous prefecture and became a Buddhist nun in 2012.

Her mentor gave her a new name "Yeshe Lahm", meaning beautiful, intelligent fairy.

But she wasn't satisfied with just being a nun; she wanted to contribute more to the society. Yeshe Lahm, now 28, suffers from a disease that requires regular massage and acupuncture to ease her pain.

"I used to spend six hours commuting on the bus to the treatment center. The pain was so unbearable that I used to cry. Then I began learning acupuncture and studied traditional Chinese medicine for 10 years," she said.

Now Yeshe Lahm, along with others, volunteers to help patients in Sexu Temple. "I can help treat people and learn from other doctors. I will start work at Sexu Temple hospital this year," she added.

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