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Space Journal: Entry 3: I wear a special space suit

Xinhua | Updated: 2016-10-28 09:28
ABOARD TIANGONG-2 - Today is Oct. 26, the eighth day after Shenzhou-11 docked with Tiangong-2. I am Xinhua space correspondent Jing Haipeng. Hello everyone, we meet again.

Our work schedule is very full, so I fall asleep as soon as I close my eyes at night. I sleep six hours per day on average and feel quite rested. I feel in pretty good physical condition and am confident in our work and mission. Please rest assured.

I saw the birthday greetings sent to me by the children the day before yesterday. I especially liked the video clip of children from home and abroad and your brilliant paintings! I was quite touched. As a matter of fact, they are not only greetings to me but also to Shenzhou-11 as well as China's manned space program.

Uncle Haipeng thanks you for your concerns and greetings.

I wish all children in the world can grow up healthy and happy! I also wish children can have great ambitions from a young age - to become people who dare to dream, have the courage to chase their dreams and work hard to make their dreams true. I hope you can contribute your wisdom and talent to your country. Together we will make the greatest contribution to the realization of the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation.

You may notice that we are wearing suits that many people have not seen before. We wore pressure suits during the launch, but in Tiangong-2 we wear in-cabin working jumpsuits, and today we are wearing suits specially designed for cardiovascular research in gravity-free environment.

It is a very special suit with many fasteners and several openings, and there are also zippers on it, as we need to take B-scan ultrasonic examinations and electrocardiograms, just like people take on Earth. It's not so convenient to wear our usual suits. With this suit, if I want to take my blood pressure, I just zip the suit. It is so easy and convenient. It is an experiment suit, so it does not look very bright but it is very useful.

Of course we also have other suits, like sports suits for cycling and running, and casual suits we have not shown you yet, but later you will see.

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