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A splash of color greets the new year

China Daily | Updated: 2017-01-03 16:49

A splash of color greets the new year

Zhu Ling, Publisher and Editor-in-chief of China Daily

Today is the first day we present to you the print version of China Daily in full color - on every one of its 24 pages.

When China Daily was launched in 1981, it had a total of eight black-and-white pages.

But color alone hardly exemplifies all the progress China's national English-language newspaper has achieved in the three-and-half decades of its history.

We have been reinventing ourselves constantly to bring you the most important and most compelling stories from the world's fastest-changing country.

In an age when the very survival of print media has been called into question, we hold the unwavering belief that content is king and the presentation of the best possible content is an art that we will never cease to hone and relish.

While improvement is a daily task, we thought the beginning of a new year would be an auspicious time to bring more color into your life.

Visual richness is just one of the many aspects we strive for. We have been working on the look and feel of the front page by making it more reader-friendly; and each page will utilize the additional visual tools now available.

In an era of unending sensory and information explosion, we offer you a new experience.

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