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Prosecutors intervene with parents of bullies

By Zhou Wenting in Shanghai | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2017-05-27 19:18

Prosecutors intervene with parents of bullies

Prosecutor teaches students how to stop bullying. [Photo/VCG]

Judicial admonition to parents whose children are involved in cases of bullying on a school campus and have obvious shortcomings in their upbringing has become an innovative way of handling such cases in Shanghai since last year.

Prosecutors will talk to the parents face to face and give them legal documents, including an order to subject their children to stricter discipline, and a list of duties for guardians, in every single such case, said Gong Peihua, deputy director of the Shanghai People's Procuratorate, during a media briefing on Saturday.

"We came up with this method because we found through the years that poor family supervision, spoiling and domestic violence are common in the families of children who become involved in campus bullying," said Zhong Ying, director of juvenile prosecutors for the procuratorate.

The prosecutors, together with schools and social workers, will access the family situations of each child involved in such cases, make personalized solutions and follow each case, she added.

A total of 60 people, including juveniles, of whom the authority did not give a specific number, were investigated and prosecuted for bullying on campus from the beginning of last year to April this year.

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