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China realizes world's longest real-time transmission of deep-sea data

Xinhua | Updated: 2017-06-20 09:35

QINGDAO - Chinese scientists announced Monday they had realized the real-time transmission of deep-sea data for more than 190 straight days, a world record.

During an expedition to the west Pacific at the end of last year, researchers with the Institute of Oceanology under the Chinese Academy of Sciences realized the real-time transmission of deep-sea data after improving the subsurface buoy observation network.

They put a floating body on the sea, which was connected to a submersible buoy. The submersible buoy transmits data to the floating body, which then sends them to a satellite. Researchers then receive the data through the satellite, according to Wang Fan, director of the institute, based in Qingdao, eastern China's Shandong Province.

The real-time deep-sea data includes the condition of the subsurface buoy, the flowing speed, direction and pressure of seawater.

"Real-time transmission of deep-sea data provides important technical support for research on ocean environment and global climate," Wang said, adding that the data could enhance the precision in ocean climate and environment forecasts.

The previous world record for real-time transmission of deepwater data was about 90 days, according to the institute.

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