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More Chinese students summer at UK schools

By WANG MINGJIE | China Daily | Updated: 2017-08-14 07:00

Such studies help prepare children for higher education abroad


More Chinese students summer at UK schools

Chinese students visit King's Coll countries. TAN XI/ FOR CHINA DAILY

When Chinese parents first sent their children to the UK for summer camps and courses, the kids stayed with host families and attended standard language schools. Now, some of the UK's most celebrated private schools are competing to attract Chinese children to their summer programs.

As the number and sophistication of Chinese customers has increased, so have their requirements. Most parents are looking for quality courses at a well-known school with on-site accommodations. Parents also are willing to send their children abroad at a younger age.

English language skills in China have improved in schools, leading to more Chinese parents considering enrolling their children in specialized summer courses or specific skill-development classes.

"Many young people in China want to ensure that their academic performances are supported by training in the personal qualities that will make them excel in the multinational workplace of the future," said Alexander Nikitich, founder of Carfax Education Group.

As a result, the group receives more requests from students who want to use the summer to develop their skills in areas such as interview training, presentation making, English language for math and sciences and career planning.

Talent development at summer camp is increasingly popular among Chinese students. "We had a student who has been the national math competition prize winner, and a student with a desire and ability to sing opera," said Nikitich, who has worked in the industry for over 20 years.

The demand from Chinese families has grown so much in recent years that Carfax opened a dedicated Chinese desk three years ago operated by UK-based Chinese-speaking education consultants.

Nikitich said Chinese participants in his school program come from very rich families, the majority of whom are from Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen, but this year clients also come from other parts of China, such as Chengdu, Wuhan and Xiamen.

The recent trend also indicates that students who take part in overseas summer camps are getting younger as their parents are eager to equip them for further studies and potential emigration in the future.

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