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Girl, 4, hanging from 19th floor saved by security staff

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2017-08-17 14:54

A four-year-old girl was found hanging from the 19th floor with her head stuck between the burglar mesh on Aug 15, reported a local newspaper of Hainan province.

A child who was playing at home on the 15th floor of another building in the same community first spotted the girl at 9:00 am.

The child's mother immediately contacted the community security chief Cheng Shaosheng.

"A child's life is more important than anything else," Cheng said. "I along with three other people went to the house and loudly knocked on the door, but no one answered."

The girl could've fallen any minute. Cheng decided to try to break the door with the fire axe as he did not want to risk her life by waiting for professional locksmiths.

Four of them took turns to open the door and managed to break it in about 10 minutes.

They discovered that the girl was hanging to her life by her chin which was stuck in the burglar mesh and her whole body was dangling in the air. They soon carried her out after breaking the mesh.

According to the paper, the girl climbed onto a couch on the balcony and got stuck in the mesh. When her mother came back to the house she was shocked to hear about the incident.

She said she had locked her four-year-old alone at home as she had gone downstairs just for a few minutes to pick up her older daughter and a parcel.

She never thought that her act would put her daughter in danger. Now she has learned her lesson. "I can never thank enough to those who saved my child."

People of the community praised the security staff members. One of the residents said they were very brave to try to save the life right away rather than wait for police and stay out of the matter.

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