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China increases regulation of online drama

Xinhua | Updated: 2017-09-04 16:17

BEIJING -- China has banned the streaming of drama that does not have a government permit, with online dramas now subject to the same regulation as that of regular television series.

The creation and planning of major Internet dramas should be subject to archival administration, according to a circular on television drama, published Monday.

The oversight of the ideological and artistic merit of content must be strengthened before a drama is streamed online, according to the circular issued jointly by five government departments.

The government will encourage good television production institutions to work with Internet dramas to improve their quality.

Internet dramas have experienced rapid growth in China in recent years with several plays becoming hugely popular.

The circular said industry associations should introduce cost allocation guidelines to guide companies in a more reasonable structure to optimize the remuneration of actors.

Broadcasting platforms should not regard famous stars as the sole bargaining criterion when purchasing dramas, the circular said.

To optimize the structure of television series, China Central Television, provincial satellite stations, and major online platforms were asked to designate prime time to include content on revolution and military themes or rural and ethnic minority life.

Incentives will be given to enable good series to go global, while domestic companies will be encouraged to cooperate with foreign counterparts to improve their international appeal.

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