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Xinjiang muslims say they observe Ramadan


Updated: 2015-07-12 16:52:52

URUMQI - More than 100 clergies and Islam believers discussed their Ramadan experiences at the Xinjiang Islamic institute in Urumqi, the autonomous region's capital, on Saturday.

Wupur Wlayin, a clergy at a major mosque in Urumqi, said people had five prayers a day as usual during Ramadan.

"The government fully respects and protects us. It does not interfere with our praying or communal eating. It is untrue that Ramadan in Xinjiang gets restrictions," Wlayin said.

Abuduhar Mesut, a teacher at the Xinjiang Islamic institute, said his school continues growing with the help of local authorities.

"A 10-hectare of land was given to the school for free to build a new campus. We can cultivate enough students to meet the needs of mosques and Islamic associations in Xinjiang," Mesut said.

Mesut refuted a claim that Xinjiang residents lived like refugees, saying the claim was not true as people of all ethnic groups could get preferable policies in jobs, education and health care.

"No matter if he is a farmer, worker, or civil service employee, everyone can live a good life if he works hard," Mesut said.

Kamerden, an Urumqi resident, had his pilgrimage to Mecca several years ago.

"The pilgrims have been offered good assistance. As some pilgrims were quite old, the government assigned doctors, nurses and cooks to care for us," Kamerden said.