Cool Guiyang Attracts Tourists



Guiyang opens arms to foreign tourists

A senior official from Guiyang, capital city of Southwest China's Guizhou Province Friday lured foreign tourists with agreeable natural conditions, beautiful sceneries and rich ethnic culture.

Luxuriant land

When Wang Fuyu talks about Guizhou, his eyes sparkle and insightful phrases roll off his tongue.


Qingyan Ancient Town

Because of its long history and strong cultural atmosphere, Qingyan Ancient Town has become an attractive destination for numerous domestic and foreign tourists.


Brief Introduction to Guiyang

The forest city Guiyang is not only a place of resort in summer, but also an open, ecological and harmonious modern city suitable for human habitation.


Costumes tells colorful history of the Miao people

Miao ethnic group's long, storied past has been recorded in their clothing. The intricate embroidery and silver ornaments tell the colorful history of the Miao people.


Seal of ancient king made public

The seal of King of Yelang is seen in Guiyang. Yelang was an ancient minor kingdom in present day Guizhou Province during the Han Dynasty (206 BC–220 AD).