China / Kunming attack

China to severely punish terrorist attackers: spokesman

[2014-03-02 16:44]

Authorities are vowing stiff punishment for the terrorists who killed at least 29 people in brazen knife attack at crowded train station.

Steps to follow when encountering a terrorist attack

[2014-03-02 16:36]

The terrorist attack in Kunming on Saturday was carried out with knives and machete-like blades, some reaching 60cm in length. Yet terrorist attacks can be carried out in many other ways, such as using bombs or firearms.

Foreigners cautious in Kunming

[2014-03-02 16:06]

Expats, students and tourists were shocked by the ferocious knife attacks on Saturday in Kunming, but none said it would force them to leave the City of Spring.

Witnesses describe grisly attack

[2014-03-02 15:19]

First-hand accounts of the deadly carnage in the train station unleashed by group of at least 10 terrorists wielding knives and machete-like blades.

Social media users condemn attacks, pray for the dead

[2014-03-02 15:06]

On Sina Weibo, netizens are spreading the word of stopping the circulation of bloody photos on the Internet.

Deadly terror attacks 2011-2013

[2014-03-02 14:31]

There have been a series of deadly terrorist attacks in China over the past three years, most occurring in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

Migrants use hookahs to fight terrorists

[2014-03-02 12:38]

Many of the more than 130 people injured in the attack on Saturday were sent to seven hospitals in Kunming, capital of Yunnan province.

Front pages

[2014-03-02 10:02]

Most Chinese newspaper frontpages on Sunday highlight the terrorists' attack at Kunming Railway Station in the capital of southwest China's Yunnan province on March 1, 2014.

At least 29 dead, 130 injured in Kunming violence

[2014-03-02 08:13]

Twenty-nine civilians were confirmed dead and more than 130 others injured Saturday in a railway station attack in Southwest Chinese city of Kunming, authorities said.

Feature: An unmade trip out of Spring City

[2014-03-02 05:37]

Kunming is known as Spring City in China for its mild climate and green environment. But for Chen Guizhen, the city will no longer be remmenbered as what it was like before.

Minute of silence at CPPCC for terror victims

[2014-03-03 15:17]

China's top political advisory body observe one minute of silence for the terror victims in Kunming as they open their annual session in Beijing.

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