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Night charm of Three Gorges Dam

[2017-10-19 09:17]

A night view of the illuminated Three Gorges Dam in Yichang City, Central China’s Hubei Province, Oct. 17, 2017. Various lamps have been installed at the massive water conversancy and hydraulic project to increase its night charm.

Though youths' interest wanes, some traditions thrive

[2016-09-15 02:07]

Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on Thursday this year, is celebrated by families reuniting under the full moon and eating mooncakes, the emblem of festive foods.

Tiangong II space lab ready for launch

[2016-09-15 02:05]

China will launch the Tiangong II space laboratory on Thursday night, paving the way for a Chinese manned space station, Deputy Director Wu Ping of the China Manned Space Agency said on Wednesday.

325 million lured by live streaming apps

[2016-08-04 02:01]

The number of live streaming app users in China topped 325 million by the end of June, according to a government-backed industry body.

Well-heeled travelers eye Latin America and Africa

[2014-10-18 04:37]

Chinese tourists aren't just traveling the world - they're redefining global travel. The world’s largest outbound tourism market is "dictating the international tourism map".

Changes to gaokao will see all students equal

[2014-09-04 14:04]

All students sitting gaokao examinations will, in future, have to answer the same questions regardless of their science or humanities majors.

US dominates Chinese world university rankings

[2014-08-19 14:27]

US universities dominated the top 20 in an annual ranking of global educational institutions released by a Chinese organisation Friday, with Harvard remaining in first place ahead of Stanford.

China to build 4,500-meter manned submersible

[2013-09-17 15:42]

Chinese scientists have launched a program to build a new manned submersible expected to dive as deep as 4,500 meters and capable of carrying out scientific research on a majority of the earth's seabeds.

School suspended after students found nose bleeding

[2013-09-08 16:03]

Authorities in an east China city are looking into a suspected pollution that led to nosebleed among 20 pupils in a primary school, which was temporarily suspended, government sources said on Sunday.

Typhoon Utor kills 2 in Guangxi

[2013-08-16 20:52]

Two people were confirmed dead in South China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region Friday due to Typhoon Utor, the provincial civil affairs authorities said.

China on red alert for forest fires

[2013-08-16 18:43]

The State Headquarters for Forest Fire Control issued a red alert, the most serious, for forest fires on Friday amid persistent hot weather.

Illegal placenta operation shut down in N China

[2013-08-15 20:46]

A county maternal and child healthcare center was punished for illegally selling placentas.

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