China / Xinjiang

Xinjiang gets up to speed

[2014-06-12 06:53]

The new high-speed line, which will be priced competitively, will have 31 stations and the journey time between Lanzhou and Urumqi will be cut to eight hours from about 20.

Stability in Xinjiang 'controllable and guaranteed': official

[2014-06-12 17:16]

Deputy governor of the region says that people can be reassured about traveling in Xinjiang, and that incidents of violence are very rare.

Xinjiang students to have free education

[2014-06-11 16:02]

Students in the region have new dreams of attending high school with the central government set to provide free education from next year.

School puts Uygur, Mandarin, English proficiency to test

[2014-06-09 07:28]

Salayidin Suletan, an 18-year-old Uygur student in Urumqi, capital of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, planned well before taking the national college entrance exam: He wants to enroll at Xinjiang Normal University and become a physics teacher after graduation.

Uygur successfully caters to students

[2014-06-10 08:01]

Kurbanjan Tewukel, a 34-year-old postgraduate student at Wuhan University, is very different from other students - he owns 17 halal restaurants at 12 universities in Hubei and Hunan provinces.

Xinjiang portal to stream World Cup in Uygur language

[2014-06-10 17:07]

A local news portal in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region said Tuesday it will stream all 2014 World Cup matches in the Uygur language, the mother tongue of more than 10 million Uygur residents.

China calls for international support to fight terrorism

[2014-06-09 21:55]

Evidence shows that East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM) hatched, instigated and conducted terrorist attacks in China via the Internet, a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said on Monday.

Special unit to help China fight cyber terrorism

[2014-06-07 08:11]

A special unit combating the spread of terrorism online set up by the Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure (RATS) of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) will help China to maintain its social stability.

New dinosaur species fossil discovered in NW China

[2014-06-06 17:17]

A team of international scientists has unearthed the fossil of a new species of pterosaur and its eggs, according to the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) on Friday.

Xinjiang tourism to weather harsh winter

[2014-06-06 11:02]

"A harsh winter has come for Xinjiang's tourism after the terrorist attack in May," said Zhang Ru, a 26-year-old in charge of Xinjiang tours in a Beijing-based travel agency.

Uygur woman 'lucky' to work on hometown's 1st bullet train

[2014-06-05 17:40]

As the first high-speed railway between Lanzhou and Urumqi is expected to officially operate at the end of the year, 22-year-old Uygur ethnic Zulnumar Tursu feels lucky to be one of the attendants to be able to board her hometown’s very first high-speed train.

Xinjiang's 1st bullet train on trial run

[2014-06-05 06:58]

The first high-speed railway in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region will begin operating this year, according to railway officials.