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Modern concubines must not be admired

By Zhao Yanrong | China Daily | Updated: 2009-12-30 08:07

The TV series Dwelling Narrowness (Woju) has become popular in China recently. The story discusses many aspects of urban reality and almost all young viewers can find a part of themselves in it. Two days ago, a junior student studying in my former college said: "I want to be a concubine after watching the drama, and my roommates have the same thoughts."

Modern concubines must not be admired

I even found that many college girls have put their concubine experiences online. Despite their excuses, I believe being a concubine is stupid.

There is the case of a girl named Jiu who comes from a single family. She wrote on her blog that she lives with a married man who is old enough to be her father. He gives her what she wants - an apartment, a car, and money for luxury products.

Modern concubines must not be admired

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