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Vettel has company at Red Bull

By Matthew Marsh | China Daily | Updated: 2012-07-13 07:40

After taking the checkered flag at the British Grand Prix in 2010 Mark Webber famously got on the team radio and said: "Not bad for a No 2 driver!" Winning again at Silverstone last Sunday was further proof the 35-year-old's position as teammate to Sebastian Vettel is perfect for Red Bull Racing.

Webber's message back in 2010 was a comment on what he perceived as priority being given to Vettel - in particular the swapping of an updated front wing from his to the German's car (to replace one Vettel damaged) during that weekend's practice sessions.

Vettel has company at Red Bull

Webber battled on and came very close to winning the driver's title that year. By the final race, it seemed Ferrari's Fernando Alonso would take the crown, so Vettel's eventual triumph was something of a surprise. Not so in 2011, when the German was the dominant bull not only within his team but across the paddock. If he wasn't before, Webber was certainly the No 2 at RBR last year.

Vettel has company at Red Bull

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