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Marriages aren't made in heaven, they're made from compromises

By Jules Quartly | China Daily | Updated: 2012-11-10 08:08

There has been a lot of laughter at my expense of late and perhaps even a hint of pity, on account of my marriage. Don't concern yourselves, we're happy, but that hasn't stopped the man who writes under the pen name Brother Cui in North America.

He is rumored to be a part-time comedian in the US but is certainly a huge hit on the domestic Twitter-like service Sina Weibo, where one of his many posts humorously identifies some of the cultural differences that Western men like me are required to reconcile after marrying a Chinese woman.

He suggests that the typical Chinese tiger wife schedules her foreign husband's life with such military precision that we really should salute her. He bets that she likes to put plastic covers on new products in order to keep them looking new, though the covers are irritating, collect dust and yellow with age. He also knows that wages are the sole property of the Middle Kingdom matriarch. We males, on the other hand, may be given "pocket money" but just as often are cashless - a bit like the Queen of England.

Marriages aren't made in heaven, they're made from compromises

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