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Conditions of employment

China Daily | Updated: 2015-12-08 07:47

International students are now allowed to work to support their study in China.

While studying at universities in China, international students may not take a fulltime job, go into business or be engaged in other business activities, but can take part-time jobs in accordance with the country's regulations and school rules.

Working to support their study in China refers students using their leisure time to obtain lawful payment through part-time work in order to improve their study and living conditions.


To be eligible to work to support one's study in China, the applicant must:

(1) Be studying for an undergraduate, master's or doctoral degree; be a general scholar or Chinese-language student; and be officially registered at a host university or college and hold student status.

(2) Hold comprehensive life insurance for international students.

Work-hour limits

Students who work to support their study in China can work:

(1) No more than 20 hours a week during school term.

(2) No more than eight hours a day during school holidays.

Application and registration

Foreigners holding study residence permits that wish to work to support their study in China or have an internship of campus shall, upon approval of the university, apply to the exit and entry administration department of the public security organ to add their residence permit the information of the place and duration of the part-time job or internship. Foreigners holding study residence permits whose residence permit does not carry the added information cannot work to support their study in China or have an internship of campus.

International students applying to work to support their study in the country shall submit the following materials when applying for registration: a photocopy of the agreement to work to support their study in China signed with the employer (stating the date, content, time, payment and payment date of the part-time job), passport, student card and foreigner's residence permit.

International students working to support their study in China shall retain the relevant documents concerning the date, time, hours and payment, and comply with laws and regulations including the Labor Law of the People's Republic of China.

Post-study employment

Foreigners who have completed their studies in China who apply for employment here after graduation must:

(1) Be aged 18 or older with a valid passport, certificate and visa.

(2) Have the skills and expertise required for the intended employment.

(3) Be filling a post that has specific needs that cannot be filled by any domestic candidate at the time, and be violating no government regulations.

China Legal Publicity Center provided this article.

For more information, log onto http://english.legalinfo.gov.cn/

(China Daily 12/08/2015 page5)

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