Frozen assets

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Frozen assets

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1. Red bean and mung bean ice lollies (hongdou/lUdou bangbing)

Sold under the Bright brand, they are made of mashed beans as well as whole beans. They do not contain artificial coloring.

Price: 1 yuan

Frozen assets

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Frozen assets

From soda to pop to distilled water

2. Neapolitan ice cream cup (san se bei)

This ice cream cup contains chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, and is ideal for those who cannot make up their minds.

Price: 3 yuan

3. Baby-faced popsicles (wawa xue gao)

This popsicle, stamped with a smiling baby wearing a magician's hat, is available in one flavor -- vanilla and chocolate.

Price: 3 yuan

4. Snow white ice cream brick (baixue bingzhuan)

The rich milky ice cream brick became famous in the 1980s. The blue packaging featuring white snowflakes with red and white characters and logo has become iconic.

Price: 3 yuan

5. Chocolate-covered ice cream brick (zi xue gao)

Available from 1980s, this ice cream brick covered with a thin chocolate layer is a classic Bright ice cream. The rectangular ice cream brick is more expensive than other popsicles, but many children like to save up for this irresistible delicacy.

Price: 3 yuan

The proper way to eat an ice cream brick

This has become an interesting talking point among gourmets.

A popular suggestion is to place the brick into a small bowl, peeling off the white paper wrapper and remembering to lick off any ice cream still sticking to it.

Then, you have to scrape off the ice cream with a spoon, and finish off by licking the bowl.

The other more modern option is to place the cream brick between two biscuits or two pieces of bread to make a cooling sandwich for a summer lunch.

Other unusual ways include dipping a brick into a glass of beer or cola or putting it inside a cake.


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