A woman trying to sell Tiger Woods’s tape!

2010-01-07 10:32
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A woman trying to sell Tiger Woods’s tape!

Recently some reports have emerged that two weeks ago a women brought a sex video to Vivid Entertainment which she claimed features the troubled golfer Tiger Woods. The reports has been confirmed by Steven Hirsch who is the head of the Vivid Entertainment saying that his company has seen the video but failed to make out whether it’s Tiger Woods.

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The woman who was trying to sell the tape claimed that the video was taken two years ago. Even if the tape turns out to be genuine it cannot be made public due to legal hurdles.

Tiger Wood’s lawyer had made it very clear at the beginning of the scandal that anyone who would release pictures or videos of Tiger Woods in compromising position will be dragged to the court. Besides, Vivid Entertainment has said that it won’t release the video without Tiger Wood’s approval and discretion.

But of course there is no possibility of Tiger Woods joining the list of celebrity sex videos. All this is happening after Tiger Woods appears on the cover page of Vanity Magazine with a bare chest. The pictures published in the magazine were taken before the Tiger Woods scandal broke out and naturally were approved by him.