Leonardo DiCaprio's smelly dog

Updated: 2011-12-12 11:18


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Leonardo DiCaprio's smelly dog

Leonardo DiCaprio's friends hate travelling on his private jet because his pet dog stinks.

The 'Great Gatsby' actor's beloved pooch - a seven-year-old French bulldog named Django - travels everywhere with him but friends including Armie Hammer and Carey Mulligan are not impressed with the canine's chronic gas problems.

A source said: "I don't know what Leo feeds it, but Django absolutely reeks and doesn't let up. He will continually eat and pass gas for the entire duration of the flight. It's kind of funny the first time you get a whiff because everyone's looking around to see who did it. But after an hour or so it gets nauseating. By the end of the flight, the cramped toilets are the only place to get some fresh air!"

However, Leonardo's friends don't blame the dog and say the actor is to blame because he is so used to the odour he doesn't even smell it anymore.

The source added to National Enquirer magazine: "I don't think it's really the dog's fault. Most likely, it gets gas from all the rich food Leo feeds it. French bulldogs have notoriously delicate digestive systems.

"The funny thing is that Leo can't understand what the problem is, probably because he's so used to the odour. Either that or he has no sense of smell.

"Django is a cute dog, and Leo's had him for nearly a decade now so there's a real bond between them. But five hours stuck with a gassy pooch is not anyone's idea of a pleasant flight."