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Winter recipe

People's Daily Online | Updated: 2012-12-14 17:29

Winter recipe


150 grams of white gourd, 150 grams of water rinsed fungus, 15 grams of dried shrimps, one egg, water starch, and sesame seed oil


1. Wash the white gourd, fungus and dried shrimps clean. Cut the white gourd into slices.

2. Beat the egg carefully into a bowl and fry into a piece of thin pancake in a pan. Cut the egg pancake into slices.

3. Add water into a pot and bring it to boil. Put the dried shrimps and fungus into the pot.

4. Cover and cook for five minutes before putting in the sliced white gourd.

5. When the soup boils, add in salt and water starch. Cook for about two minutes.

6. Add the egg pancake slices, sesame seed oil into the soup before serving.


The soup helps increase fluid secretion, cleanse stomach and intestines, and nourish your body.