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Nobuyuki "Nobu" Matsuhisa with Pauline D.Loh

By Lance Crayon | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2013-03-29 11:05

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He’s one of the richest chefs in the world, with 26 restaurants to his name, but success came only after he had faced flames and failure. Nobu Matsuhisa tells Pauline D Loh how he keeps his zeal, and how he passes it on.

Nobu knew what he wanted to be after visiting his first sushi restaurant as a child. By the time he was 24 and managing his first restaurant, he realized it would be a lifelong vocation. That is why at 64, he is still constantly on the road visiting every one of his 26 restaurants by turn, traveling the United States from coast to coast, to Greece, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, Italy, Russia, Africa and lately, to China – where he has Nobu Hong Kong and Nobu Beijing.

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One of the best-known signatures of Nobu Matsuhisa is the lunchtime bento box that is served in every one of his restaurants. In Beijing, it is arguably one of the restaurant’s best sellers. It is also Nobu’s cooking style neatly packaged in five lacquer-box compartments.

Host: Pauline D.Loh

Videographer & Editor: Lance Crayon

Subtitiles: Fan Zhen

Producer: Meggie Feng